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Kassav: Karib or Brasil more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 4:33 PM
Medam yo ap fe komplo sou dom depi nan colej @ms.Jenni, not Madam Mesye Afriken. more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 4:05 PM
Caribbean Estate. more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:59 PM
What about Rati Ratak Islands Mr.President( more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:52 PM
Digititization of Old Southern News Papers of the USA/ more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:46 PM
Timeline: History of the Electric Car Not an invention of modern times, the electric car has a long and storied history. Travel... more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:35 PM
Ki yes Ti William ta al ale rentrotre, mMet syel La, la te terre te toujou gen plysye wa. Gade Video wa. Bahrain, more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:16 PM
Western Union and Money Transfers more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:12 PM
Raging Bull (Jenni and Mar. ar thots) These Africans are planning to invade Haiti with. more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 3:02 PM
Lies, lies: Joe Biden has condemned the "heinous" assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and the wounding of his wife... more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 2:44 PM
I usually don't post things from X, but my condolences to the people in 'Ran man third major death in the last 5 years. more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 2:40 PM
Luxama ( fet atenson avek jwet egg la more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 2:25 PM
Kimany Marley more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 2:14 PM
ou imagine analysing a buried vessel once used to share 150 litres of beer in a sacred ritual? Or investigating an ancient... more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 2:09 PM
es Nations Unis et Haiti more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 1:52 PM
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) is considering legal action against US tech giant Apple if it fails to respond to... more »
Clefski, 05/23/24 12:08 PM
Il est toujours illégal pour les personnes de moins de 21 ans de posséder, vendre ou consommer n'importe quelle... more »
Moisedrug, 04/30/24 2:16 PM
Americaninist, not American 1997(edition) more »
Moise, 04/30/24 2:07 PM
Symptoms of Viagra It is estimated that about 35% to 75% of men with diabetes will experience at least some degree of erectile... more »
Moise, 04/30/24 2:03 PM
Internet issues in the Caribbean more »
Moise, 04/30/24 2:00 PM