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Mande Luis Wassasf Papye terre: What is the treaty between Haiti and the Dominican Republic? The Dominican Republic and Haiti... more »
Azzuripublius, 09/28/23 3:24 PM
Ki moun yo Papa Natacha ye, Yap pran bato so lot kote poy ya yele Sen Domeng pou ya fe mache nwa, yap touye ti nwa malere... more »
Azzuripublius, 09/28/23 3:21 PM
eske Italie gen yon fre sou transfe. more »
Azzuripublius, 09/28/23 3:08 PM
Se mwen genyen yon pwoblem Sa vle di moun nwa pa konprann sak system centralyzyon. more »
Azzuripublius, 09/28/23 3:05 PM
day after a civil jury found a Malden resident liable for gruesome political violence during his tenure as mayor in Haiti... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 8:39 PM
Un Photo est Plus Que Un Milliers de Mots. more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 8:28 PM
What the electricity, some people of Arab tend to covet what's not theirs> -- It's a watershed moment that has won support on... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 8:11 PM
Septmber 25, 2023 at 3:19 p.m. UPDATED: September 26, 2023 at 3:24 p.m. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Krayzie Bone is hospitalized and... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 8:09 PM
, Wyclef Jean hasn't suddenly discovered the joys of surfing at the Jersey Shore. Rather, his somewhat cryptic call to "Free the... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 8:04 PM
Last Performance of the Fuggees (Pras, Wyclef, and Lauyryn Hill is now a grandmother, Pras help you get to this stage false... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 8:00 PM
Protectin para la Familia Ortega, Sekiite Lopital Guszman nan Santiago kenbe yap vole yon ti bebe Aytien pendan yap feemen porte... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:52 PM
I found a board game a few weeks ago in the apartment that belonged to my grandmother. I vaguely remembered it from my... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:44 PM
Se Haiti wap charge sou kaat Geografi, ou ka jwenn Ligue Des nations. Open diplomacy without secret treaties 2. Economic free... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:36 PM
Le Ministre espagnol des Affaires étrangères, José Manuel Albares au un un Fils qui est un nini. more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:27 PM
Vole yo retounen anko: Belizean- Music star wannabe Brooklyn Based rapper killed patrons at nightclub. more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:24 PM
Mwen Pa achete proopagande nan men net pot moun (Alaska Eskimo) African Eskimo: ssia recognized the United States on October 28... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:17 PM
Veye Les Voleurs (Veye Vole: more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:10 PM
En Memoire de Solon Fortunat: Professeur de Physique et Mathematique en Haiti: Les Assassins et Les Mechants. more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 7:07 PM
A Hawaii police officer escaped injury when gunfire struck his holstered TASER during a shootout that left a suspect dead over... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 6:58 PM
Traduire and Francais et Kreyol Haitien. The Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act of 2022 is a... more »
Haitinatinatal, 09/26/23 6:54 PM