A Prosecutor Mercy minor felony warrant. Don't be a silly...

Jovenelmoise Says...

A Prosecutor Mercy

minor felony warrant.

Don't be a silly goose.

Hire a lawyer.

Explain the circumstances of the warrant.

The lawyer will talk to the prosecutor to work out a deal that YOU think is fair. The lawyer will escort you into court.

You accept the plea deal. Pay a fine do community service for a few hours and you are free.
Otherwise you will spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.

A warrant doesn't expire.

The clock stops ticking.

Eventually you will be caught.

Someone crashes into you. Getting arrested as you are going to work. Arrested leaving church.

The worst you piss off a friend and they make a phone call to the police.

You can't find out who turned you in. Once you are in jail. You will sit in jail a couple of days until you go to court.

Now the prosecutor has you at your mercy.

You might have to go to jail, pay a larger fine and be put on probation for a few years.

Why should the prosecutor give you a good deal. You have been in hiding.

The police Haiti arrest you.

Posted April 25 2024 at 3:45 PM

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