Included in their diet were exotic fruits only grown in...

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Included in their diet were exotic fruits only grown in tropical climates such as: guanabana, pitahaya, mamey, sour orange, sapote, saramuyo and nance among many others.

The Mayans did not eat meat often, however, when they did, they ate deer, wild pheasant, monkey, iguana.They use some wild snakes for medicinal purposes.They ate wild boar and wild turkey among other animals.

They also raised turkeys and a hairless kind of dog exclusively for food. They did not have many domestic cattle such cow.horses, donkeys, with cattle as we know it.

Yucatan is known as the land of the pheasant and the deer, due to the fact that these species were abundant in the Yucatan Peninsula and these animals were some of the main ingredients in Mayan Food.

Many Mayan recipes called for this kind of meat, although currently they have been substituted with pork and turkey.

The pheasant which is a relative of the peacock as we know it, is currently extinct due to unlimited hunting privileges, and can only be seen at the zoo. Deer hunting is not allowed anymore.

Thirty years ago, deer meat (venison) was still a part of Yucatecan Mayan cuisine.

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