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Political issues and the small matter of the drive for independence that peaked in October 2017 meant it was Catalonia's first... more »
Futbolhaitri, 06/23/24 6:00 PM
In Memoriam : Pere George, (Haitian)(Former US Republican George Jr.Had a stake in the industry, sold it after his Father passed... more »
Nouvoayiti, 06/23/24 4:07 PM
.- Haiti's Prime Minister, Garry Conille, criticized the country's public administration for poor governance, lack of... more »
Nouvoayiti, 06/23/24 3:56 PM
No Invitation to Firs Lady of Sodom and Gommorah 24 TH Edition ( You go to watch Caucaucasians in Britain or US Open in... more »
17octobre, 06/23/24 3:50 PM
REturn this Book : Stolen in the Korean Supermarket in NYC(Borough(Gully).It was not written by a Black Jamaican or a White man... more »
17octobre, 06/23/24 3:44 PM
Amazon tablet fires its ambitions By Richard Waters in San Francisco and Barney Jopson and David Gelles in New York Hot... more »
17octobre, 06/23/24 3:39 PM
Nouvoayiti, 06/23/24 3:34 PM
17 Octobe 1806 (French-reole Conspiracy 1844 (Samana) March 2004: Aristide Coup, (Possible July 15 1915 ( Debt and Gold... more »
Nouvoaytiti, 06/23/24 3:27 PM
One Thing Haiti shares with Dominican Republican : Transpose the anthem is played on the same musical key: E Flat... more »
Nouvoaytiti, 06/23/24 3:18 PM
Nou La Toujou :Li pa Franse: French Canadians or Field Negros who refused to recgonized is moral culpbrit Brazillians favela... more »
Nouvoaytiti, 06/23/24 3:15 PM
Did France ever repay Haiti for the monies that former President Aristide had asked for that caused his coup information about... more »
Nouvohaiti, 06/23/24 3:03 PM
Tuesday Morning : Kenya Police Forces Were in Haiti since May 2023( 400 Officers to Help with Gasoline Storage Facility... more »
Nouvohaiti, 06/23/24 2:59 PM
Brazil was built on the enslavement of indigenous peoples and millions of Black Africans. Of the 12 million enslaved Africans... more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 1:27 PM
he silver standard is not currently being used by any country. China and Hong Kong were the last nations to use a silver... more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 1:25 PM
I never see a Slovenian Wine in any of the wine stores, why Mr. Kennedy? Prohibition 18th amenendment.These crowds that Michelle... more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 1:20 PM
u ale lekol bonebone nan matin avan ou ale fimen ganja, oussaw jwe basket avek mouchocaw wouj, mouchaw ble, mwen sa Prezidan pat... more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 1:15 PM
he French Gold Sink and the Great Deflation of 1929-32 Douglas A. Irwin ABSTRACT The gold standard was a key factor behind the... more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 1:04 PM
Memoir of Roger Brooke Taney: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1872) is a biographical work written by... more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 1:01 PM
Italian It is not my Fault, don't be quick to forget when you are talking Masstricht Treaty more »
Nouvoworld, 06/23/24 12:54 PM
he new Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille, has formed his cabinet, with Dominique Dupuy standing out as the Minister of... more »
Nouvohaiti, 06/20/24 7:37 PM