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Ki sa yap pwoteste la a egzakteman? Prezidan Jovenel Moise te elu demokratikman. Bal chans Pou l fe yon travay. Li gen bon lide... more »
Alexa, 10/18/17 1:23 AM
Forgotten, aweful. Need to be published in the USA! more »
Cecelia Johnson, 10/14/17 9:36 PM
This needs to be shared in the USA. Terrible! more »
Cecelia Johnson, 10/14/17 9:31 PM
With a good leader who can stop the corruption Haiti will be better. more »
Arus, 10/13/17 12:20 PM
Vidéo regarder cette vidéo, Haïti, La prison de l'enfer. Un documentaire sur les prisons haïtiennes où... more »
Haiti Life In Prison, 10/13/17 9:37 AM
Yow! I thought u were exagerrating. You were not! Dat bitch blah blah and more blah and li pa di anyen. more »
Tontonbob, 10/10/17 4:28 PM
What a crack of s*******t..... she's definitely a pupet and a screw up for Haiti... beware!!! Haitian gouvernement, who you'll... more »
Patrick P, 10/10/17 12:24 PM
Jah and Jahnes love. Mezanmi wo...It's about time for these murderers to GO back to their country. The UN so-called Peacekeeping... more »
Marie Nadine Pierre, 10/06/17 6:32 PM
All those brothers and sisters who leaving Haiti. I don't blame them is The Gouvernment i blame, They're can't even created a... more »
Andy Dorsaimvil, 08/28/17 5:33 AM
Grimas kap fet sa pou yo fe a yo pap janm fel. Poukisa shabba ak arly pa mete ansanm pou yo invite tout lot atis ak aktè... more »
Ivan Sou Fb, 08/16/17 8:47 PM
Good morning I'm the oldest daughter of Jean Montrevil my name is Janiah. I desperately need your help. You did a story on our... more »
Jani Heard, 07/10/17 10:17 AM
Make sure you post up a link to Part One more »
Randall, 06/17/17 1:38 PM
J'aime vidéo Haïtien more »
Pauleus Benold, 06/02/17 11:12 AM
It is unfortunate that the L> A> Police mistook the Haitian Rap Star for a robber. Nevertheless, the police should apologize to... more »
David Grant, 03/21/17 4:24 PM
Illuminati Exist My Mission TO Create Heaven on Earth JOIN ME Mission Vassonna To Create Peace Internationally, A World Free of... more »
Jaime Marie Rea, 01/07/17 4:27 AM
Can someone,please,tell me where I can buy downloads of the songs on those videos.I can not find them on Itunes. Please advise... more »
Marie Lyne Jean Michel, 12/06/16 3:41 PM
Langyèt manman Roberto li bezwen Pou Martelly jwenn aksè pouli plis konyenl se Sam wè masisi sal sa yo ap Jere... more »
Davidson, 08/29/16 10:02 AM
I do agree with Roberto Martino. Jovenel Moise would make a great President for Haiti. He remains focus from the day he decided... more »
Concern, 08/28/16 10:39 PM
Mwen dako 100% Paske tout lot kandida yo se radio djol selman yo ginyin.Se sel Jovenel ki gin yon program nan min li et li deja... more »
Hen, 08/27/16 11:07 PM
Piga di ké sé jaloum jalou! Piga di ké sé fal mwen ki plen ak diri ak po poul nan Ottawa- Canada ki fè... more »
Patrick Princivil, 07/22/16 1:20 PM