Bill, Hillary and their daughter Chelsea kept all the money...

Haitinativenatal Says...

, Bill, Hillary and their daughter Chelsea kept all the money donated for Haiti.

After the donations for aide started to dwindle, they met as they normally do in these situations at their home in Georgetown.

Here they could decide how the money would be used. These meetings are exclusive to three of them. Clinton Foundation staffers and executives are not present.

I was able to obtain a Wiki leaks report from an insider contact at Brietbart.

However, in keeping with my journalistic credo, I will not reveal my actual source even under threat of subpoena.

So don't ask.

Here's how the money was divided and spent.

Bill Clintons share was used to buy a modest 350 ft. yacht from George Soros.

The yacht is currently being remodeled in a Caligula motif for an exclusive sea going orgy planned for sometime in late Spring 2017. Hillary and Chelsea are not invited but they're okay with that. As for Hillary her share will be spent the same as it was on their previous two heists.

She has brokered another deal with Chevy Chase and Oliver North's outfit to buy more illegal weapons.

The actual magnitude of the purchase is unknown but one thing is certain.

When she finally attains the presidency she's not giving it up.

Now, the frugal one of the bunch is unmistakenly Chelsea.

All we know is that Chelsea mentioned that she and hubby need a new water heater at the house.

So don't be surprised if the two are soon spotted at Home Depot.

Yeah my answer may be silly and stupid but it pales in comparison to the stupidity of the question.

Posted September 25 2023 at 6:33 PM

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