Wyclef Jean Kreyol Address To Haiti On Eve Of Election

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Listen to Wyclef Jean's Kreyol Address To All Haitians On Eve Of Election video, International Grammy Awards musician and activist Dr. Wyclef Jean addresses the nation of Haiti on the eve of the Haitian Election, reminding them to think and vote wisely for their next Haitian President, because if they don't, they will suffer with the consequences of such bad decision for many years. He reminded voters of the fact that we need a president who will not steal from the nation and continue to use their vote in vein. Wyclef also believes the next president will need to have a lot of friends in the international community in order to help pull Haiti through the rubbles. Clef said he will work with the person the population chooses because with him helping, he is helping Haiti rise. We are thankful for people like Wyclef Jean. Listen to his very IMPORTANT message.

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Watson Lamour says...

mwen santi mwen an jwa deske ou adrese ak nasyon an map mande bondye pou li ka ede ou reyalize tout rev ou. pa bliye se zantray pitit pep ayisyen an kap depafini paske nou beswen ou tout jan tout fason nan moman an et mwen personelman mwen remersye ou pou tout fos ak kourag ou moutre nou et map di ou mesi

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