VIDEO : Haiti : The End of an Economic History

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Watch this Haiti video documentary, Haiti: Fin d'une Histoire Economique, about the Economic history of Haiti... It goes in depth in the feudalistic 'Gran Don' agricultural system, the habit of cutting down trees for export, the migration of the gran don to Port-au-Prince, and more...

The presentation pinpoints factors underlying this end of an economic era in Haiti that hinges upon the transformation of production structures and from which will emerge new relations of production.

The end of this era will be characterized by the depletion of a form of accumulation of extraneous wealth that the author characterizes as ''rent''.

This form of accumulation has been the foundation and continues to be the framework of our economic history for 209 years. This mode of accumulation that finds its expression in the social networks of accumulation (SNA) has failed because it can no longer meet the needs of an exponentially growing population

This documentary is a synthesis of the upcoming book of Fritz Jean: The End of an Economic History in Haiti, which will be published by "Les Editions de l`Université d`Haiti".

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