VIDEO: Haiti - Senateur Youri Latortue pran gaz nan Manifestation anti Jovenel

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Gade video sa a... Senateur Youri Latortue ki ap pale ak la presse, li ka kenbe je l louvri akoz gaz lakrimojen li sot pran.

Sa pase jounen Vendredi 20 Septembre 2019 la.

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Moisee says...

Kononov was born in 1997, in the United States.

She began to paint when she was three years old and her first exhibition took place in Brussels when Maria was only eight.

Despite the youth, she already had more than 30 personal exhibitions in major cities around the world, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Bologna, New York, Melbourne, and many others.

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Drduvalier says...

Britain in Jamaica Post independence:

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Jovenelmoise says...

A Prosecutor Mercy

minor felony warrant.

Don't be a silly goose.

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Jovenelmoise says...

Sony Wonder Closed in NYC due to what?

Musee de Sony Wonder Music

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Dredscott says...

Rabbi Greenberg Nan. ETA Floride Nan BOCA RATON SE LA RALPH

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Youngtoussaint says...


Ancien Senate Defunt:
Orville H.Platt:

Originalement en Anglais:

uit le 22 mai 1903, l'amendement Platt est un traité entre les États-Unis et Cuba qui vise à protéger l'indépendance de Cuba de toute intervention étrangère. Il permettait aux États-Unis de s'impliquer largement dans les affaires internationales et nationales cubaines afin de faire respecter l'indépendance de Cuba.Feb

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Youngtoussaint says...

UN colleagues called her "Rachelle Bon Bagay," Creole for "it's all good," after Argentinia, Chilean and Brazilian soldiers take her to various hotels throughtoutPort-au prince and promised trips to Dominican Republicunchecked by Dominican Border Guards.


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Toussaint says...

Navassa Island Booby Bird Reserve( ownedRépublique Of Haiti in joint administration with another country:

These Birds, not guano to make gunpowder, rarely used to make fertilizer as claimed by some in power.

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Black Stpaul says...

Vil de Haitian Kreyol Wanamet (not Juana Mendez) Francais :Ounaminthe:

Stop playing dumb with your hands with knife on the trigger:

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.- Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry recently met with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss the ongoing border dispute with the Dominican Republic, particularly regarding the construction of an irrigation canal on the Masacre River in the Dajabón province.

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Dlobondye says...

Sa ti sa tap fe avek drapo Ayiti ya ity devan Kay Magistra nan New York, Jovenel Moise te dwe di non li pat otorize bagay

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