Pres Barack H Obama 44th President Of The United States

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Watch the Pres Barack H Obama 44th President Of The United States video, President Barack H Obama 44th President of the United States There is nothing to fear Obama will be the President of all Americans Despite our ideological difference Democrats Republicans Independents etc can we all get along COME ON PEOPLE It s time to address and end the racial division Obama is a lawyer He used to teach constitutional law He is a scholar He knows how to respect and preserve the rights of all American citizens America is like a mother who has several children and each one of the children is so eager to show who loves his her mother the most Let s not diminish the love of any of America s children Obama Hillary McCain etc Let s instead show how much we all love mother America I have absolutely no doubts that we all love our dear America Good luck to our 44th Commander in Chief and God Bless America No one and nothing can stop the evolution of the human race and the human mind We are all civilized people Aren t we When or if Obama becomes President of The United States of America it will be a great thing for the country because it will show to the world that we practice what we preach Remember this is The United States of America not The Divided States of America however the diversity strengthens our democracy and makes America the greatest country in the world Let s give more attention to our commonality rather than our superficial traits Your comments are welcome STOP THE HATRED Thank you

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