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Watch this video... A bunch of Haitians being interviews in front of the Haiti international airport leaving the... more »
Topic, 08/28/17 5:33 AM
All those brothers and sisters who leaving Haiti. I don't blame them is The Gouvernment i blame, They're can't even created a... more »
Andy Dorsaimvil, 08/28/17 5:33 AM
Watch the video... A disturbing video released by Le Nouvelliste shows a beat up banana farm with the caption: Banana... more »
Topic, 08/16/17 1:02 PM
Watch the video... Immokalee Florida - At least six High school students were suspended and sent home Haitian flag... more »
Topic, 08/16/17 12:59 PM
Watch this video... Is the food you eat fake? Here's the truth behind what's really in the food you eat every day..... more »
Topic, 08/16/17 12:09 PM
Good morning I'm the oldest daughter of Jean Montrevil my name is Janiah. I desperately need your help. You did a story on our... more »
Jani Heard, 07/10/17 10:17 AM
Watch the Haiti: We will bend but we will not break - part 2 video, discover the literacy campaign that president... more »
Topic, 06/17/17 1:38 PM
Make sure you post up a link to Part One more »
Randall, 06/17/17 1:38 PM
Watch this video... Ex Haiti President Michel Martelly 2 hour Interview Live on Radio SCOOP FM with Journalist Gary... more »
Topic, 06/15/17 10:42 PM
Gade video saa... Haiti Accident Kanaval la nan momam li te pase a... Men Kijan moun yo te pran kouran nan Cha Barikad... more »
Topic, 06/02/17 11:12 AM
J'aime vidéo Haïtien more »
Pauleus Benold, 06/02/17 11:12 AM
Can someone,please,tell me where I can buy downloads of the songs on those videos.I can not find them on Itunes. Please advise... more »
Marie Lyne Jean Michel, 12/06/16 3:41 PM