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How much of Jovenel's money went to Ucab to keep Venezuelan citizen happily, healthy, safe, secure, in their own country... more »
Lovepaulicdisaspors, 03/13/24 8:41 PM
Fibrosis, if you go the hospital, do the Colombians care.. more »
Lovepaulicdisaspors, 03/13/24 8:24 PM
IN REAL ENGLISH : IS ROBERT KENNEDY JR., a Real Challenger or to 2 known combative opponents as with a biased Supreme Court like... more »
Lovepaulicdisaspors, 03/13/24 8:03 PM
Where is Judge Kuma, THE JAMAICAN PM AND FOREIGN WOULD HAVE TO HAVE THE US 's nsa, and the uk m 5 more »
Lovepaulicdisaspors, 03/13/24 6:49 PM
Goodbye... 0 Brazil Joins UN to Provide... Most Popular brazzil INTERNATIONALBRAZIL AND WORLD SAY GOODBYE TO OLD WOLF ZAGALLO... more »
Mandambrezilionyo, 03/11/24 7:47 PM
Ofis Immigrasyon en Mexiq: Declaration Honoring the United States and Mexican Law Enforcement Officials and Armed Forces on... more »
Haitilibre, 03/11/24 7:34 PM
The blood had barely dried on the floor of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse's bedroom before calls for U.S. involvement... more »
Haitilibre, 03/11/24 7:22 PM
ures for the Peaceful liberation of Tibet The Tibetan nationality is one of the nationalities with a long history within the... more »
Peyidaiyti, 03/11/24 6:30 PM
is something we do with pride and honor," said Col. Hugo Angulo, the military adviser to El Salvador's mission to the UN, in a... more »
Dredscotts, 03/11/24 5:45 PM
J.B.P., men you. Moun ki kite gang yo en Ayuti, enhanced 2007 pat gen yen g-9 more »
Defend2004vaclula, 03/09/24 12:02 PM, patent numbers for Haiti. more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 5:00 PM
Cuidado@ Isla Marin Garcia. more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 4:55 PM
Avocado Fe yon gwo ere la, Inion Sovietik. Pat Jane Pran Yusgloslavi, se toujou yon peyi Allie men se separe. more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 4:47 PM
Adorned es el forte de. Constitution, no Al el occupation de Haiti. more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 4:43 PM
Epidermis Bullosa. Dangereux. aab = water ( problem Nan peyo zoo. more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 4:18 PM
@Wyclef Jean since you were named after in Reformsteur, etidye plus Toujou, @ theopolisinstitute.vom more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 4:14 PM
Somebody from Hyderabad is an immigrant from India, not them. Do not call any certifying. state certifying officer unless it's a... more »
Drjsmith, 03/08/24 4:08 PM
Le pape catholique dans Le temp de l' acte de independence d Haiti @: Barnabas Luigi A.k.a. Luis vid (7) more »
Lasalinefrench, 03/06/24 7:06 PM
Derrière Konvention Twasiem Partie Ameriken ( USA October 2023 more »
Lasalinefrench, 03/06/24 4:30 PM
La pressed I Nikki Haley née Nan Peyi L' inde. Men se Nan Hamburg, Karolin di Sid, Linda li fet. more »
Lasalinefrench, 03/06/24 4:09 PM