VIDEO Haiti : Is President Jovenel's Banana Farm Agritrans Dead?

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Watch the video... A disturbing video released by Le Nouvelliste shows a beat up banana farm with the caption: Banana - Agritrans seeks new life...

KREYOL: Gade VIDEO saa... AGRITRANS Haiti - Sanble Jaden Bannann President Jovenel la MOURI...

Le Nouvelliste says:

Since July 2016 Agritrans no longer exports bananas to Europe. Production is stopped. Hundreds of acres of land lie fallow. A new variety of bananas is soon to replace the plans that had given rise to hope of resuming the export of this commodity more than sixty years after the departure of the last cargo from Haiti dating from 1955. A disease, new orientations, Agriculture has never seemed more fragile than with this Pharaonic project that seeks a new breath.

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Moneytruth says...

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Moneytruth says...
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Subject: VIDEO Haiti : Is President Jovenel's Banana Farm Agritrans Dead? edit

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