VIDEO: Discours Haiti President Martelly ONU (Nations Unies) 01 Oct 2015

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Gade video saa... Haiti - President Michel Martelly te pale sou tribume Nation Unies (ONU) jounen 1er Octobre 2015 la... Tande tou sa li te di...

ENGLISH: Watch the video... Haiti President Martelly speech at the United Nations, October 01 2015... Listen and share your opinion... What do you think?

Nan discours li a, President martelly bay list tout progres ki fet nan 5 lane gouvernment li a.

Tande tout sa president an te di epi...

Di nou kisa ou panse de sa???

Kite yon mesaj

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Louverturefreedomhaiti says...

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Dlobondye says...

Vincy, here is what happened to Monsterrat in

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Haitinatinatal says...

Un Photo est Plus Que Un Milliers de Mots.

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Haitinatinatal says...

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Krayzie Bone is hospitalized and in "life-threatening" condition.

According to All Hip Hop, the rapper is "fighting for his life" after checking into a Los Angeles-area hospital on Friday "after he started coughing up large amounts of blood."

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Haitinatinatal says...

, Wyclef Jean hasn't suddenly discovered the joys of surfing at the Jersey Shore.

Rather, his somewhat cryptic call to "Free the wave!" on the Tuesday, Sept. 12, MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center appeared to have been a call of support for an incarcerated Newark hip-hop stand out.

Tsu Surf, also known as Rahjon Cox, has pleaded guilty to RICO gang charges, and faces up to 30 years in prison.

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Haitinatinatal says...

Last Performance of the Fuggees (Pras, Wyclef, and Lauyryn Hill is now a grandmother, Pras help you get to this stage false "House of Democracy"

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