Good morning I'm the oldest daughter of Jean Montrevil my name...

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Good morning
I'm the oldest daughter of Jean Montrevil my name is Janiah.

I desperately need your help. You did a story on our family in 2010. My dad is now at serious risk of being deported back to Haiti under this new administration.

He was detained on 6/22/17. Fortunately his attorney was able to convince ICE to release him temporarily on the basis of a pending case he has in the BIA asking for his initial case to be reopened.

I'm currently home for summer break, I attend Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry.

My dad has not been in trouble since he was 19. He is nearly 50 years old now. If he is taken away from us I won't be able to pursue my dreams of becoming an immigration lawyer because I won't qualify to enroll back without his financial assistance.

I want to help immigrants get a fair chance at the American Dream.

At 18 I'm too young to re-enroll in college without my dad he is our rock please contact me ASAP. He must report back to ICE for another check in to report to in less than 2 weeks.

I have no doubt in my heart that he will be detained and deported immediately.

He was told by the deportation office that it is the law to deport him. This breaks my heart that I live in a country where a retroactive law is being used to rip my family apart.

Our dad came to this country legally.

They're was so many errors in his initial case we just need to have his case re-heard.

He has the proper legal representation now. I need your help, I believe there is power in numbers if it wasn't for you all, my siblings and I would be left without our dad. I have been brain storming since his most recent check in on ways I can help. As American citizen child, I will fight for my dad and have our story heard.

If he is taken away our life will be very hard my siblings are 13 and 10. My brother is 13 and recently underwent brain surgery to remove a brain tumor our dad was at his bedside 24 7 while I cared for my younger sister.

If it wasn't for him I would not be able to attend college because of the high cost of education.

My dad took me to enroll and completed all the paperwork.

My dad health is also deteriorating.

He tries hard to keep that part from us. But I watch him taking several medications daily and I see the pain in his eyes. To send him to Haiti where he has no family will be a death sentence.

Please help me keep my family together.


Janiah Heard
347-570-6409 Cell
Email-niahnay [at]
Jean Montrevil Cell-929-406-7728
jeanmontrevil [at]

Posted July 10 2017 at 10:17 AM

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