Bon why they cant finish with that country?im ashamed to see...

Patrice Says...

Bon why they cant finish with that country ?im ashamed to see that!Haiti is the poorest countries try in the hemisphere, we suppose to be ashamed cuz we was the first in the Caribbean that had opportuny to increase the economy, countries used to watch us n respect us but now they watch us as a piece of shit, we r backward n no democracy in Haiti still !u see that party they called lava las didn't suppose to be on air cuz his leader aristid is the most criminal in the world for politics so why u all finish vote martelly n he is the one that helping Haiti to b in route for change n want to improve our political standard also social!people watch us as dog fighting with each other n why we don't fight against the country that hold back ?look a politician holding a weapon while he demonstrating !i laugh for u all cuz police suppose to arrest him!praise god I'm not living in that shit country !after an earthquakes devastated a poor country like Haiti n up to now we cant put our mind n strength together ?what we want?

We don't even know !so they have to ban news on Haiti from now cuz no selfestim n value for the Caribbean!watch all the Caribbean countries !did we ever see these nonsense?Haitian think !b wise!bann impave!

Posted June 11 2014 at 6:52 PM

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