White Zombie 1932 7 7

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Watch the White Zombie 1932 7 7 video, White Zombie 1932 Public Domain After arriving in Haiti to meet her fiance a blushing bride to be is quickly transformed into a pallid soulless body by creepy voodoo master Bela Lugosi at the behest of a jealous rival who desires her Made for 50 000 in 11 days in 1932 this interesting horror film relies more on visuals and atmosphere than dialogue and remains one of Lugosi s best films from the classic era of horror Director Victor Halperin Screenwriter Garnett Weston Story Garnett Weston Producer Edward Halperin Composer Abe Meyer Starring Bela Lugosi Madge Bellamy Robert Frazer John Harron Clarence Muse Brandon Hurst John Peters Dan Crimmins

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