VIDEO: Micro-Hydro Electricity, is this what Haiti President Jovenel Moise has in mind?

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Watch this video... Could this be what Haiti President Jovenel Moise have in mind? Remote rural communities in other parts of the world are being electrified using something called "Micro-Hydro." There are nearly 400 micro-hydro power plants bringing energy to roughly half a million people on the mountain communities of Nepal.

Instead of building expensive infrastructure to bring electricity to a remote area of Haiti, perhaps we can generate the electricity locally using what we already have in nature...

There are lots of rivers in Haiti. Perhaps we don't need one big expensive hydroelectric power plant to light up the whole country!

Through these small hydro plants, big changes are happening in these remote villages and communities.

Clinics, schools, radio stations, businesses are all flourishing where once there was darkness and no electricity.

Also read about Micro Hydro on Wikipedia:

Micro hydro is a type of hydroelectric power that typically produces from 5 kW to 100 kW of electricity using the natural flow of water. Installations below 5 kW are called pico hydro

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Grenadier400 says...

Electricite en Haiti et a travers le Monde:

Le Gouvernement russe envisage d'interdire la fourniture d'uranium aux États-Unis comme une réponse possible à l'embargo de Washington sur les ressources énergétiques russes.

Le 8 mars, le président Joe Biden a annoncé que son administration interdisait les importations russes de pétrole, de gaz naturel et de charbon aux États-Unis dans le cadre d'un ensemble de sanctions en réponse à l'opération militaire russe en Ukraine.

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