VIDEO: Haiti PRISON Documentary - The Hard Life in a Haitian Prison

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Video watch this video, Haiti, The Prison From Hell. A documentary about Haitian prisons where inmates live in filthy conditions. In the Haiti prison system, most inmates are not even convicted of any crime.

Prisons in Haiti are overcrowded and a lot of the prisoners are not even supposed to be in prison, something in Haiti they call "détention préventive prolongée," extended pre-trial detention

This documentary showcases the grim reality of life in prison in Haiti. What the Haitian prisoners eat the cram spaces that this present of sleep, watch it all and this documentary.

Being in prison in Haiti is like being in hell according to this documentary.

In Haiti, the law states that anyone arrested should be brought in front of a judge within 48 hours but that hardly ever happens that's the reality.

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Cecelia Johnson says...

Forgotten, aweful.

Need to be published in the

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Cecelia Johnson says...

This needs to be shared in the

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Haiti Life In Prison says...

Vidéo regarder cette vidéo, Haïti, La prison de l'enfer.

Un documentaire sur les prisons haïtiennes où les détenus vivent dans des conditions crasseuses.

Dans le système pénitentiaire haïtien, la plupart des détenus ne sont même pas reconnus coupables d'un crime.

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