Toussaint Louverture Haiti Death Certificate Signature

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Watch the Toussaint Louverture Haiti Death Certificate Signature video, Toussaint Louverture the great Haitian Hero Death Certificate Signature Toussaint L Ouverture is considered the father of Haiti Inspired by the French Revolution the gens de couleur pressed the colonial government for expanded rights In October 1790 350 revolted against the government On May 15 1791 the French National Assembly granted political rights to all blacks and mulattoes who had been born free but did not change the status quo regarding slavery On August 22 1791 slaves in the north rose initially at Bois Caiman against their masters near Cap Fran ais now Cap Haitien This revolution spread rapidly and came under the leadership of Toussaint L Ouverture He soon formed alliances with the gens de couleur and the maroons whose rights had been revoked by the French government in retailiation for the uprising Toussaint s armies defeated the French colonial army but then joined forces with it in 1794 following a decree by the revolutionary French government that abolished slavery Under Toussaint s command the Saint Domingue army then defeated invading Spanish and British forces This cooperation between Toussaint and French forces ended in 1802 however when Napoleon sent a new invasion force designed to subdue the colony many islanders suspected the army would also reimpose slavery Napoleon s forces initially were successful at fighting their way onto the island and persuaded Toussaint to a truce He was then betrayed captured and died in a French prison This backfired on the French as it motivated Jean Jacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe leaders of separate military factions to resume the rebellion Napoleon s forces were were defeated by Dessalines at the Battle of Verti res on November 18 1803 On January 1 1804 the nation declared its independence securing its position as the second independent country in the New World and the only successful slave rebellion in world history Posted by Smith Georges For more information please visitand

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