VIDEO: Interview With Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin - Rebranding Haiti

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Watch the video... Haiti tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin talks about progress being made in Haiti to attract more tourist in Haiti and to make the country more attractive tourist destination...

Haiti lost it's position as the Peal of the Antilles that it once was back int he 1980's and the Haitian government is trying very hard to reposition Haiti once again as the pearl of the Antilles, the tourism minister says

Minister Villedrouin also spoke about various Haiti tourist destinations in Haiti that have been rebuilt or and or renovated...

If you listen to Haiti tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin in the interview you will discover that she is very realistic in her plan for tourism in Haiti. She understands that it will take 20 to 30 years of constant work in the tourism industry for Haiti to be able to compete with some of the other Caribbean destinations who, she says, have the same natural sites that we have.

"The've been successful because they had a plan... Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic started in the 1980's, we're in 2014," she says, "that's more than 30 years so we have a long way to go..."

"So now we have 1,000 hotel rooms, let's show them out... Let us bring more investors in to build more hotels," Villedrouin says...

Interview: Independent Sources Rebranding Haiti - CUNY TELEVISION Garry Pierre Pierre.

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Calixte Guerrier says...

Ms. Stephanie speaks from the bottom of her heart, so I gave an "A".

Sign Calixte

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Patrick Princivil says...

Very good job,

I want Moise Jean Charles, Arnel Bélizaire and all the stupid in the parliament of Haïti and everywhere say amen, nòt to say fò Prézidan Martelly alé, these plans are to destroy, they are demonn's possess.

I would like President Martelly uses his brain: he can't do that; The nation of Haïti complain about Arnel Bélizaire was in the jail in Pénitencié national, miserable's people gathered in front of Pénitencié national to make heavy noise, they want the government of Martelly release that criminal who give trouble in Haïti, And Président Martelly listen to the miserable's Haitians who don't know anything about law and grow like wild animal, Président Martelly released Arnel Bélizaire and brought him deputy of Haïti with a criminal record.

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