Grandmaster Flash Jesse

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Watch the Grandmaster Flash Jesse video, The Message by Grandmaster Flash The Furious Five is a bonafide classic and should be considered a valuable collectors item The reasons are many but let s start with the obvious This is the first and only studio album recorded with the original crew of Melle Mel Kid Creole Mr Ness aka Scorpio Rahiem Keith Cowboy and Grandmaster Flash Add to that the fact that this album was released in 1982 a time when rap acts were only dropping 12 inch singles In fact the only other rap albums to speak of around this general period were by the Sugarhill Gang The Treacherous Three and Kurtis Blow which makes this a rarity indeed Finally there is the album s title track which was not only the group s most successful song but was also one of the most significant songs of it s era rap or otherwise LIKE WHAT U HEARD SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WILL FOR MORE EXCELLENT MUSIC

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