Rejete Twoubadou Lokal New York 1 19 2008

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Watch the Rejete Twoubadou Lokal New York 1 19 2008 video, GET 10 OFF SPECIAL OFFER View this Clip and RECEIVE a 10 discount on each Airlines ticket purchased from Duch Travel Agency 718 527 8594 Invite your friends and family to do the same Only from Duch Travel in Queens NY Song arranged by Christophe Leroy Johny Bazile Yvon Pierre John Leroy Yvon Pierre Interpreted by Twoubadou Lokal View other original Twoubadou Lokal Songs by searching on Twoubadou Lokal Please Rate Leave Comments Twoubadou Lokal is based in New York City Contact David Duchatellier duchcjc hotmail718 527 8594 Twoubadou Lokal is from the New York City area The musicians are Johny Bazile vocal banjo Christophe Leroy basse Rony Pierre sax flute clarinette bac vocal John Leroy guitar Yvon Pierre guitar Amner Charles vocal claves Yvelande Hercule vocal Elsie Pierre vocal Roodler Pierre Louis vocal tcha tcha Amner Charles vocal claves David Duchatellier tambour Jacques Dorc tambour invit Available for birthday party anniversary B B Q etc Contact Duch Travel Agency at 718 527 8594 221 09 Linden Blvd Queens NY 11411

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Subject: Rejete Twoubadou Lokal New York 1 19 2008 edit

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