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Watch the Recently Discovered Haitian Rapper video, Romario Saintfleur is 17 year old handsome and proud young man from Haiti who aspires to be a famous rapper He is a former restavek the Creole term for children internally trafficked for domestic servitude but refuses the stigma of this title so he came up with a new name for his situation a childhood with special circumstances And who can blame him He took part in the International Organization for Migration IOM vocational and micro enterprise training and is now a shoemaker and an aspiring musician There are an estimated 173 000 restavek children in Haiti Through the restavek system parents unable to care for their children send them to relatives or strangers living in urban areas supposedly to receive care and education in exchange for housework But the reality is a live of hardship and abuse practically enslaved by their hosts the children seldom attend school For more information on restaveks and IOM s work please visit

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