New Kind Of Toilet Haiti

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How to Turn Haitian waste into into much-needed fertilizer for the land of Haiti

Watch the American Ingenuity In Haiti video, Sasha Kramer and Sarah Brownell run a hand to mouth aid group called SOIL that helps turn waste into much needed fertilizer

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Olivia Jeanne says...

Actually, please remember that those diseases are most quickly spread by people relieving themselves near sources of groundwater (fresh water, like rivers and streams runnign through the cities).


Toilets do a great deal to prevent that from happening.

This solution is far from perfect, but it's on the right

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Elsie says...

the idea is good. I wonder what will be the consequences conserning bacterial infection outbreak like e coli food poisoning ect. since most haitian know nothing about outbreak and there is few hospital to take care offood poisoning are you guys fair to explain the mass what are the possibility of become sick with using those kind of

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Dieuseul says...

Hi I am very happy I can find this site to post my comment about this organization, I think these people are working very hard to protect the Haitian's life, and God going to bless their hearts, so I don't I have anything to give to them but I would like to share what's in my heart with them, and I hope they don't give up very soon because I believe God going to give them more experiences so they can really understand why they're doing those things.

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Ms. Libra says...

This is so interesting and to see 2 young LADIES doing it makes it even more intriguing.

I love the

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