Justice And Freedom For Haiti

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Watch the Justice And Freedom For Haiti video, Haiti is one of the first lands of the New World visited by Christopher Columbus After the successful slave revolt in 1804 Haiti became the first black republic which led the island to be alone and isolated by the colonial powers of that time After two centuries of threat and internal struggle to defend the revolution the Haitian economy began to deteriorate In the Eve of the First World War the U S goverment seized the oppurtunity to invade the island After thirty years of occupation the U S military left the island installing a legacy of a puppet regime such as the Duvalier Goverment Against all odds the Haitian People still continued to fight for democracy by electing a young priest named Jean Bertrand Aristide whom was later ousted by a military coup d etat in September 1991 and subsequently in February 2004 He allegged that he was taken by force by the U S and Canadian militaries and forced into exile in South Africa Currently Haiti is under the dictatorship of the Blue Helmets better known as U N Peace Keepers whom are terrorizing and murdering innocent civilians Because of these atrocities The FREE HAITI NOW Movement was born to spread awarness around the world to bring Peace and Justice into the Pearl of the Antilles who isn t just Kidnapping and Poverty

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