Haitian Machete Fighting 02 Big Rasta

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Watch the Haitian Machete Fighting 02 Big Rasta video, This is Haitian Machete Fencing a functional martial art rooted in Haiti s 200 year old struggle for independence What you are seeing is not choreographed but rather a living system of training in which the student employs core principles to stay protected and within range as the teacher strikes In this way the student learns to accumulate tactical advantages much like in a game of chess and to penetrate an opponents defenses without sacrificing their own Haitian Machete Fencing is a synthesis of European and African martial traditions combining aspects of Spanish Fencing with a style of footwork similar to Capoeira Cultural Capital Haiti program coordinator Mike Rogers will be leading a pilot program this summer that will travel to the Jacmel region of Haiti to study this living functional martial art with Haitian master fencer August Avril Learn more at

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