AUDIO: Tande Senateur Youry Latortue nan emission Boukante Lapawol

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Tande Senatè Youry Latortue nan emission Boukante Lapawol avek Guerrier Henry...

Senateur Youry Latortue ap bay detay sou kek projects nan l'Artibonite.

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Grednadiers says...

Yon polis ki anba loi Ameriken ba ka bay sekirikte nan yon peyi ki gen lwa pa li. Polis pwofesionel pou sevi pep la, mwen ta renmen polis yo jwenn saleur supplemantaire, swen lopital, asyrans vie yes.Ou pa ka di gen bandi, le ni sekte (M.R.E ya) ni leta pa gen plan pou bay travay, edikasyon, sante, tout tan se ONG oussaw Gouvernman

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Sinejacone says...

Haiti's Flag was changed in the 1936 Olympics presided by President Avery Brounnage of France.The Blue and Red with with the motto of Former President Alexandre Petion's motto (L"union Fait la Force", order not to confused it with Lichstenstein, with the rise of Aldoph Hitler on the World Stage, and Lichsenstein, a German Protocterate that had a non attack pact with Germany, the League of nations secretary general suggested that added the symbol in order for its athletes to participate, after the Olympics, the Parliament adopted left by the US Invasion the flag.Then again in 1957, after his controversial presidential victory Francois Duvalier changed the colors to Black and Red, but kept the emblem L'union Fait la Force, not to aggrevate the situation

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Subject: AUDIO: Tande Senateur Youry Latortue nan emission Boukante Lapawol edit

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