Haiti Baseball Racism, The Angel Luis Joseph Story

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Watch the Haiti Baseball Racism, The Angel Luis Joseph Story video, A Haitian Dominican Baseball player Angel Luis Joseph just lost a US 350 000 Baseball contract with the San Fransisco Giants because he is the son of a Haitian sugar cane worker and the Dominican government refuse to give him a birth certificate in order to obtain a visa to the United States This type of Racism is called AntiHaitianismo Spanish for anti Haitianism Antihaitianismo is a racist bias against Haitians and descendants of Haitians by Dominicans So strong is this sentiment in the Dominican Republic that a young man is being denied a future in the United States because of racism against Haitians Post your comments here

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Ertha says...

I don't think Haiti need to reoccupied the D.R.We Haitians need to get ourself together.

We need a whole new government b/c these so call leaders are not doing anything but carrying a title and that stupid senate chamber is just horrible.

yo chita apale franse epi pep la ap soufri.

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Hait1st says...

Dominican Republic do not have pride
Haiti free the slaves in the entire Island that is an

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