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Watch the Alexander D Great - Haiti Calypso Song video, Alexander D Great, reigning British Soca Monarch, sings his winning song, Haiti, a plea for the world to help the country in its hour of need and telling of the nation's troubled history.

Haiti Alexander D. Great 332010 copyright PRS

1 The Western World's poorest country -- the one called Haiti
Really been suffering -- since she declared herself free.
We know 'bout the massive earthquake -- made the ground shake
Thereby increasing -- the grief that was there already.
Now - rich countries all trying their best
How - to see who's better than the rest
Row - about the debts which Haiti's incurred,The reasons are so absurd.

Haiti, this world has refused you
Haiti, confused and abused you
Haiti, can there be no end to your pain
How much more can remain
Haiti, the world has to face you
Haiti, have grace and embrace you
Haiti, we can't turn our backs on you again.

2 The Haitians fought a 10 year war -- till 1804
Winning their freedom -- and showing Napoleon the door.
La Liberte, Egalite, - Fraternite
Just empty slogans -- breaking like waves on the shore
Why? - France wanted reparation
By - charging this once enslaved nation
Cry - to pay a hundred and fifty million, today that's 20 billion.

3 The start of the 20th century -- USA agree'
To help France collect her dues, -- the profits lost to slavery.
They used the pretext to invade -- Haitians were betrayed,
For refusing to lose -- what they'd won by their bravery.
Through - merciless exploitation
Grew - aggressive legislation
To - make it hard for her to survive, but Haiti's very alive.

4 200 years of vicious lies -- and wild surmise
Then came the last lie -- this was a place to despise.
With right-wing puppet heads of state, -- left to her fate,
Haiti was passed by -- to make sure her sun would not rise.
Pray - that justice somehow will prevail,
May - they guarantee that she won't fail
Say - the words and let the actions follow, so those words won't sound

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